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    • Santiago is the captial city of the province: Veraguas.
    • Santiago is the largest city by population in the province of Veraguas.
    • Santiago District is the ninth largest district by population in Republic of Panama. 
    • Santiago District total area = 374.9 sq mi (971 sq km).
    • Santiago is on Eastern Time Zone (UTC-5).  No Daylight Savings time.
    • Santiago is named after the Apostol Santiago (Saint James)
    • Santiago is one of Panama oldest settlements.
    • The Museo Regional de Veraguas (museum) is in Santiago.
      • Building was constructed for a prision in 1855.  Later became police station.  Damaged by fire and restore in 2001.  Open as a museum on November 8, 2004.
      • Pre-Columbia collections of gold, ceramic jewelry, pottery, stone carvings, fossils, lithics and photos
      • Hours 8 AM to 4 PM with Free Admission.
    • The Juan Demostenes Arosemena Park is located in Santigao next to Museo Regional de Veraguas.
      • Park has a statue of Juan D. Arosemena (17th President of Panama).
      • Park renovations were completed in 2010.
      • Park has gazebo, fountain, plants, sitting areas and beautifully decorated with Xmas lights during Christmas.
    • Mercado Publico is a Fresh Produce Market in Santiago
      • Bargain prices for fresh vegetables, fruits, fish and live chickens.
      • Hours early morning to about 4 PM.
      • Located 1 block north of Avennida Central between 4th & 5th Streets.
    • Santa Catalina is about 50 miles from Santiago and is a major surfing attraction.
    • Torio is about 30 miles from Santiago and has a nice beach for snorkeling and relaxing.
    • Santiago celebrates Apostol´s Day on July 25th with walks, parades, fiesta and fireworks.
    • Minor Basilica of Jesus Nazareno of Atalaya
      • In 1964 Vatican designated this church as Minor Basilica
      • Atalaya is only 5 miles from Santiago
      • Believers think the Statue of Jesus has answered prayers and perform miracles.
      • Some 200,000 visit the Statue of Jesus between Ash Wednesday and Palm Sunday.
      • Many journey by foot to pay homage in hopes that their prayers will be answered.
    • Festival of Miraculous Medallion 
      • Last weekend of Novermber.
      • Sunday parade are processions from each parrish carrying their Virigin Mother beautifully decorated in many colors.
      • Marching bands, performers dressd in cultual heritage and fireworks. 
    • Carnival/Mardi Gras and (Video of Parade)
      • Saturday thru Tuesday immediately before Ash Wednesday.
      • Santiago block off Avenida Central for the largest annual street party.
      • Water trucks spray the crowds in fun, bands, performances, dances, parties, fireworks
      • Hundreds of street vendors to sale beer, foods, souvenirs, etc.
    • Hottest months Mar-Apr and Coldest months (Oct-Nov)
    • Average monthy temperature 26°C/79°F (Oct-Nov) to 29°C/85°F (Mar-Apr)
    • Average high temperature 30°C/87°F (Oct-Nov) to to 35°C/95°F (Mar-Apr)
    • Average low temperature 20°C/68°F to 22°C/73°F
    • Average rain days 9-12 (May-Nov) 0-4 (Dec-Apr)
    • Average annual number of snow days - none
    • Average annual number of hurricanes - none
    • 12 Districts Totals = 88,997 with 49% men and 51% women
    • Santiago = 31,065 with 48% men and 52% women
    • La Colorada = 2,128 with 52% men and 48% women
    • La Peña = 3,990 with 51% men and 49% women
    • La Raya de Santa María = 3,268 with 50% men and 50% women
    • Ponuga = 2,798 with 54% men and 46% women
    • San Pedro del Espino = 1,629 with 52% men and 48% women 
    • Canto del Llano = 13,331 with 49% men and 52% women
    • Los Algarrobos  5,490 with 51% men and 49% women
    • Carlos Santana Ávila = 4,059 with 50% men and 50% women
    • Edwin Fábrega = 3,434 with 50% men and 50% women
    • San Martín de Porres = 16,406 with 48% men and 52% women
    • Urracá = 1,399 with 52% men and 48% women 
    • Santiago coordinates: N 8.1°  W 80.98°. 
    • Santiago elevation is 82m at the airport in Santiago.
    • Google map showing Santiago with photos.
    • Santiago is about half way between Panama City and David.
    • Santiago is about 50 miles from the Carribean Sea (Atlantic Ocean)
    • Santiago is about 30 miles from Torio nice beach on Pacific Ocean
    • Santiago is about 50 miles from Santa Catalina on Pacific Ocean 
    • Santiago has an airport .
    • Santiago have three bus terminals.
    • Buses to Panama City every 30 minutes during the daytime
    • Santiago is on the Pan-American highway
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